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Case Studies

Case Studies from Projects we Have Worked On

Duck Dynasty: Shifting the Burden

Everyone agrees that Duck Dynasty has been a mega hit for A&E Network, as well as for the originators of the series, Gurney Productions.  A production company, even one as successful as Gurney was prior to Duck Dynasty, has limited resources and...

Relativity Media: Providing a Funding Solution

Critical Content is now a Los Angeles-based power production company.  It is a spin-off from Relativity Media and was formerly known as Relativity Real, a reality-based television production company under the Relativity banner. The company was produced a...

Sunny Side Up: Locating Hidden Credits

DB&A has always worked with its clients to find incentives for projects when others may not have thought that the projects being eligible or the costs qualifying.  Oftentimes, we do the same searches for projects for networks and/or production...

Xploration Station: Making The Pitch

Steve Rotfeld Productions is a nationally renowned producer of Educational/Informational (E/I) programming for about 15 years.  A few years ago, he developed the concept for a syndicated series of shows called Xploration Station (Xploration Awesome Planet,...




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